Going to take a minute and go down memory lane here… The fifteen old in me wanted this posted.

Growing up there are always people you look up to, people who are your favorites, people who aspire you to be who you are.
For most of my young adult / early teen life, Jennifer Love Hewitt was my role model.
I used to watch her on Kids Inc back in the day, and I honestly hardly remember it, but I do remember seeing her and thinking she was cool.
Oddly, when Party of Five came onto television, I somehow caught the first ever episode, loved it, and was never able to find it again (JLH wasn’t cast on the show yet, but regardless it’s a cool fact). Coincidentally 3 years later,  my aunt gave my mom a bag of VHS tapes, with seasons 1-3 recorded.
I watched every episode, and loved JLH’s acting.
I remember being 15 and going to see ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ with a group of friends. My closest friend at the time was a HUGE Sarah Michelle Gellar fan, and I, being a JLH fan, joked with each other about who would die, needless to say, JLH went on to make the sequel.
As I grew older and most of my friends succumbed to peer pressure, I was able to adhere to JLH’s ways (which are MUCH harder to do in Hollywood than a random city in Canada), and avoid the drinking in parks, and smoking up behind school moments. To this day, I have never touched a drug or drank.
I was able to meet JLH back in 2002, and it was honestly, to this day one of the most special meetings of my life.
I could ramble on for hours about how JLH helped me in life, but you get the gist.
I know there are many of us out there who look up to people, and idolize them, and I know JLH must hear it all the time, but I just want to say to Ms. Hewitt if she ever sees this, Thank you.
You helped shape me into who I am, and I respect you immensely. To this day (May 29th, 2012) I am proud to call you my idol!